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The Piggening 2016

March 28, 2016

Here we go again! We are raising hogs again this year. Picked five little beauties up on Friday from a farm in the Thumb area. These are Hampshire/Yorkshire crosses – three barrows (neutured males) and two gilts (intact females). The boys will be raised for an Autumn slaughter date. We are going to try...
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Raising Roaster Chickens – Follow Up

March 25, 2016
Raising Roaster Chickens – Follow Up

We’ve had some feedback and questions regarding my post on Calculating The Cost Of Raising Roaster Chickens that I wanted to address.   Q: Are you sure you are feeding them enough? Wouldn’t they grow to a larger size if you fed them more? A: We are feeding them to the specifications. This breed...
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Rainy Weather Makes For Unlikely Companions

March 24, 2016

Just over a week ago, I was going outside to get something out of the truck, when I heard very tentative question meows that I didn’t recognize as one of our barn cats. I called back and, out of the darkness came a beautiful long haired kitty, who is only a few months old....
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