Going Gaga For Geese

Y’all, we went to the Michigan Bird and Game Breeders swap meet at the Eastern Michigan Fairgrounds in Imlay City this past Saturday, and we came home with two new farm residents. Before I introduce them, I want to tell you that we’ve been charmed by American Buff Geese after meeting an extraordinarily friendly pair in the 4H pavilion at the Fowlerville Fair a couple of years ago. We’ve wanted them ever since, but we wanted to start with adults, rather than ordering in goslings from a hatchery.

Anyway! Back to the point of this post – here’s what I’m so excited to share: we have two new geese here on the farm – our very first. Tina is a Buff Pomeranian Goose, and Louise is an American Buff Goose. Until Saturday, I wasn’t aware of the Pomeranian breed, but the elderly gentleman from whom we purchased them has raised many different breeds of many types of birds for over sixty years, and he had these two ladies available for sale. He is downsizing, as he is now in his 80’s and just can’t care for the animals like he used to – I think he was happy that they came to a home where we are so excited about them. They are from last year’s hatch, so they are just about a year old, and they are laying eggs. We are waiting for our first eggs from them, but given the change and excitement they have endured over the last few days, I’m being patient.


The ladies were very calm on the ride home in their crate, in the back of our pickup. They were a little nervous once we got home and opened the door to the crate – there was some hissing, but not nearly as much as I expect from geese. And once I picked them up, they calmed right down, letting me pet them, and if you can believe it – THEY CUDDLE. GEESE. CUDDLING.


I know, you guise. I could hardly believe it myself. But they DO. They are not fans of being pursued, but once you pick them up, they snuggle right in and really do seem to enjoy being petted and softly cooed at with sweet compliments. 2016-05-02 (9)



Initially, I was going to name them Thelma and Louise, but after we watched them run, we saw our Pomeranian put her wings stiffly out to her sides and slightly back, and George said, “She runs like Tina Belcher.” Well, that sealed the deal. Tina and Louise it is! Tina has really pretty blue eyes.



We have contacted a local farm we found that might have some extra ganders and we are going to get them a boyfriend.

I cannot explain how happy these goosey ladies make me. Let my face tell you.


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