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Serenity Acres Now, LLC
8315 Linden Road
Tyrone Township, MI 48430

Closed on Sundays and Holidays

We are a working farm – please contact us to confirm availability prior to coming out. Please do not just drive out. Thanks!

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Please make sure when you put our address into mapping software to include the ZIP code 48430. We have had instances of folks being sent several miles north of our location because their GPS or mapping software sent them to South Linden Road. That is actually North of us. (Crazy, I know.) So please insure that your map has you coming 1/2 mile south of Center Road in the 48430 ZIP. We are on Linden between Center and Dean Roads. Thanks!

We respond to any and every email we receive, but we do sometimes encounter delivery errors because of invalid addresses or addresses that will only receive email from certain senders. We do not publish your email address, or add it to any mailing list unless you specifically request that.  We want to talk to you, so please keep these issues in mind when filling out the form below.


PLEASE NOTE: As of August 2013, we no longer offer chicken or duck eggs. Feel free to check on the farm directory sites listed in our links section to see if there are other farms offering eggs.

Also of note: we are not, nor have we ever been, a hatchery. We do not sell live birds. If you are looking for chicks or live birds, please visit My Pet Chicken. Thanks!


Thank you!


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