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  • Playing Catch-Up

    Playing Catch-Up

    My to-do lists just keep getting longer, folks, so I do apologize for the lack of updates here of late! But I haven’t […]

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  • Goats > FTD’s Offerings

    Goats > FTD’s Offerings

    I’ll be honest, folks, I’m not feeling very shiny today. Apparently, the ragweed has come out to wreak havoc on my allergies, and so it has me feeling pretty poorly, in addition to what we’ll politely label the adverse side effects of paying one’s ladytaxes. In fact, it would be pretty accurate to use a…

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  • Heidi, Alpha Goat

    Heidi, Alpha Goat

    Heidi is the alpha of our little herd, and has a wonderful personality, if you ask me. She’s very friendly, affectionate, and playful, […]

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