Little Napoleon Chicks

Last night, we had to run up to Tractor Supply to pick up some new red heat lamp bulbs for our chicken coop. I had purchased some on special about a month ago, it was a two-pack that was about the same price as the name brand one-pack. What a mistake! The screw thread section separated from the glass bulb, destroying them both within the past couple of weeks. It pays to go with the name brand sometimes, and this was definitely one of those cases.

While there, our son spotted some of the little Bantam chicks and fell in love with the little white ones. He kept nodding his head in the affirmative while telling us, “We can get some of the little white chicky-doodles.” His persistence paid off, and we let him pick out three (picking was done by proxy with my hands) to bring home.

I think they are White Cornish Bantams, but I am not positive. They just have all of the Banty breeds mixed in together. Boy, are these things tiny.

We’ve avoided Bantam breeds, because we’ve heard what a terrible attitude they can have. But I have to admit, these little buggers are darn cute. Although one might be concerned about how they will fare amongst the other chicks, given the size differential, rest assured, they are little Napoleonic warriors. Even though our Black Star chicks, about 10 days old, didn’t exactly roll out the Welcoming Committee when these guys arrived in the brooder, the little banty birds held their own and have integrated themselves bravely into the flock.

We’ll look forward to seeing how their personalities develop as they get bigger. I wouldn’t be opposed to having at least one rooster out of the bunch, as we are down to one Welsummer rooster for the whole flock, and once everyone is spending time outside regularly, it will be essential to have more than one guardian for all of these hens.

Yesterday afternoon was productive – I finally got the rest of the indoor seeds started. I had to lower the light fixtures in the basement to get them closer to the seeds. I could have gone lower, but I was trying to accommodate for the growth they will make in the coming weeks.

It’s supposed to rain all weekend, and as such, I got some planting done today. The peas and carrots finally went into the ground in the garden, and some Blue Sea Holly and some Black Silver Lace Primrose plants I had ordered from Gurney’s went into the flower beds in front of the house. I still need to get some poppy seeds in the ground. I have a variety of colors and hope that I am able to get blooms from them all!

Well, it’s getting time to go close up the door to the chicken yard, so I’ll wrap up here. What are your weekend plans?

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