Getting close to done…

The past several days have been filled with activity around here! I’m a bit overwhelmed with where to being describing it all, but I’ll pick up with the chicken coop we are building. It is coming along terrifically! Here is where things stood last night around sunset:

As you probably notice, all of the framing was complete, and some of the walls were in place. We did some more work today, and here’s how it looks tonight:

All of the walls are completed! Items still on our to-do list include the big door, the chicken doors, a couple of windows, vented soffits for the underside of the roof line, and the interior finishing, which will include a half wall to separate the chicken area from a front storage area, and several chicken amenities (roosts, nesting boxes, etc.) along with adding some electrical outlets and lighting. Fortunately, the structure already has electrical in place from the previous owners, so we will just need to expand off of that.

In the meantime, George created a new door for the section of the old coop the chicks are currently in, so that they can get outside. They are very excited about it.

One of their busybody neighbors from the other side of the coop paid them a visit yesterday, but despite her size advantage, she was definitely more terrified by their sheer numbers than they were scared of her. The older chickens are aware of their little neighbors around the corner, but haven’t demonstrated any aggression toward them. We are watching carefully to insure everyone’s safety, however, as older chickens do tend to bully the little ones and will even peck them to death. But, I think that we have a Lilliputian situation here, and none of our big chickens want to be Gulliver!

She left pretty quickly and reported her findings back to the other big chickens. It was really funny to watch her run back with the gossip!

We are exhausted, but feeling really accomplished. Our goat vet and a student from MSU who is riding with her this week just left about an hour ago, and I’ll tell all about our adventures in learning how to vaccinate and deworm goats in a post tomorrow.

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