Cute goat videos

Not much excitement here for the animals today – yesterday, it rained like mad, and while the precipitation has come to a halt this morning, the skies are dreary, and everything is still wet. So, here are some videos of some sunny days over the past couple of weeks that were far more exciting for us all.

Heidi likes to have company up on the spool, and loves to jump down. Sometimes she does it with far more flair, but of course, when the camera is on her, she chooses not to show off. But still, she’s very cute!

Here are the girls following me around the yard. I love our little herd.

Finally, this was taken Friday afternoon – a few hours after my surgery. I’m still pretty groggy in it, and was concerned about the goats not jumping on my incision sites. They like to jump up and give me “hugs” that way – so it is difficult to tell them no! But you can see that they like to try and climb up the slide, too, and that distracted them. So far, nobody has made it, but they provide lots of amusement while they try!

Since I’m limited to indoor activities today for all practical purposes, I’m going to finish transplanting the rest of my seedlings into larger containers. I also need to update my seed spreadsheet to reflect the current state of growth. Tomorrow is supposed to bring more rain – boo, hiss! I really need to get some things done in the garden outside, but it’s a muddy mess out there now. Here’s hoping the weekend forecast for sun holds true!

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