Saturday Surprise!

Yesterday morning, I had an outpatient surgical procedure requiring general anesthetic. I’m pretty achey, sore, and slow-moving as a consequence (but so very grateful for my prescription painkillers!), and suffered a big ole bout of insomnia in the middle of the night. Hence, when I finally got to sleep, boy, did I sleep! I only woke up around an hour ago, and George had long since been up and around, and no real surprise here, was busy being productive. I creaked out to the barn and found that he had built the goats a new beauty of a grain trough! We’ve been using a bucket up until now, which worked fine for two goats, but not for five. (You can probably imagine the head-butting and shoving. And if you can’t, just think about your cafeteria line in junior high.)

It’s not 100% complete, as the excess on the left hand side needs trimming, and we’ve decided to add some divider slats to try and keep everyone’s head in their own area, but wow! Look at it, it’s gorgeous and functional, and the goats love it!

He came up with this design on the fly. He’s always doing that, and his ability fascinates me.

The angled piece on the top prevents the goats from climbing up there with any “Death From Above!” intentions (which they absolutely would do, given the opportunity.)

I’m so thrilled about this, I couldn’t wait to post – so I’m typing in between flipping our last bit of delicious bacon from Brower Farms. I cook it low-n-slow, so it’s not at risk of scorching.

This was a great surprise to wake up to, particularly after a rough day yesterday! My man amazes me every day with his kindness, thoughtfulness and ingenuity. I am a lucky woman, and our animals are very fortunate to have him as their keeper, too! 🙂 Life is good.

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2 responses to “Saturday Surprise!”

  1. Kate Hinote Avatar
    Kate Hinote

    Love it! Super fancy for your super fancy goats! 🙂

    1. Trase Avatar

      I am so grateful that George loves these little goats as much as I do. 🙂 His willingness to invest his time and effort into projects like this means so much to me. He’s going to be building a couple of milking stands, too. I can’t wait to see how those turn out – but those don’t need to happen for awhile, because these gals won’t milk until next spring. 🙂

      Come visit us sometime!

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