Goat Health Update

Well, the test results came back, and both Heidi and Gidget were positive for coccidiosis. They are now on an antibiotic regiment of Albon (Sulfadimethoxine) for the next several days, and we are treating the whole group of five, since they are all at the age where they are susceptible to coccidia issues. Lovie especially is a concern, given that she is in the process of healing from her scur removal, and basically has an open wound on half of her head. I won’t be straying far from home in the near future, so that I can keep a close eye on their progress.

Last night, they started the (oral) antibiotics, and as it so happens, it was time for their monthly deworming shots. They were not a happy herd, to say the least. After a lot of shrilly voiced complaints, struggling, and miffed-off goats, we got everyone dosed with both medications.

Thankfully, everyone is fine this morning, and enjoyed their walk-n-browse across the northwest corner of the property. We need to get some more syringes at Tractor Supply today for dispensing the Albon, and we are seriously wondering whether we can manage to inject it into some Fig Newton cookies. (Goats are not fond of being forced to take an oral dose of medication.) However, given that these girls are meticulous about smelling everything we offer to them prior to eating it, I’m not sure we’re going to flim-flam them.

I just keep hoping they all continue to improve, and remain happy girls.

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