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I’ll be honest, folks, I’m not feeling very shiny today. Apparently, the ragweed has come out to wreak havoc on my allergies, and so it has me feeling pretty poorly, in addition to what we’ll politely label the adverse side effects of paying one’s ladytaxes. In fact, it would be pretty accurate to use a commonly uttered phrase around our barn in describing my condition: MEH.

Fortunately, my mood has been boosted by my loving husband’s thoughtfulness, and my capricious gals. How could I not be cheered up after spending some time with them?

Heidi likes to lick me on the nose and tell me that everything’s gonna be OK.

I was sneaky and went around the corner out of their sight. It took about 60 seconds before everyone was calling for me, and maybe another 15 until they all came bounding toward me, after discovering my whereabouts:

There you are, mom!

I think this is an opportune time to mention that the daintiest of our little girls is also the first to start growing a beard. And how can I resist giggling about that?

’tis but a wee tuft now; mayhaps ’twill be braid-able by Spring.

Now, it’s time to get dinner going. Locally made Italian sausage, bell peppers from the farmer’s market, and some kind of potato side dish are about to be placed on the menu. Have a great night!

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2 responses to “Goats > FTD’s Offerings”

  1. Amy Avatar

    Ah, ladytaxes! 😛

    1. Trase Avatar

      The worst kind of all taxes!

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