Chicken Hidey-Hole

There is an old dead tree behind our barn with a lot of brambles and overgrowth surrounding it. Naturally, this is one of our chickens favorite places to hang out. Yesterday, as I watched them relaxing in there, I kind of understood the appeal – it’s their own little hidey-hole getaway. I wonder if they have to make reservations days in advance to enjoy it.

It’s pretty peaceful in there, and no predators.

The girls are really ramping up the egg production – we’ve been getting 30 eggs a day for the past several days, and I think we may break that record today! So, if you are in the area, trust me, we have plenty of eggs available for sale. We are going to take pre-orders from now on so that George only brings as many as requested into work – let me know if you are interested!

We are also hoping that those who have tried them will share some photos of what they’ve made with them. I’m going to add a gallery specifically for our customers eggcellent creations.

One of the ways we really enjoy our eggs is scrambled, with peeled tomatoes from our garden and some melted shredded sharp Cheddar. Mmm. How do you like your eggs?

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