Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! This is the first time in two years that we haven’t had our son for the holiday, and so we’re pretty bummed out about that. But, for the first time since we moved to the farm, I’ve decorated, and we have a bowl of candy ready at the door, in case any kids turn up!

Buddy Hen has been keeping us entertained this weekend. Yesterday afternoon, George had to do a brake job on his car, and so I sat down in the garage to keep him company and help grab any tools that he might need. My ability to assist was hindered, however, when Buddy decided that she needed to take a nap. She was snuggling away in my lap, making the little chicken noises that sound almost like purring – how was I supposed to get up?

Fortunately, George already had most of the tools and parts he needed. I did have to get up to bring him the front rotors, however, I simply put Buddy down in the chair and told her I’d be right back. She is really seeming to understand either our words, or our intent, because she patiently waited for me to return.

I can pick her voice out from the rest of the flock, even when there’s a ruckus because they are excited about a special snack we’ve brought them, or during the nightly feedings. My ears just pick up that distinct voice of hers and I know she’s right there. It’s pretty nifty. 🙂

She is, however, getting a little spoiled about her visits indoors, and thinks that she should come running in anytime the front door opens and she happens to be nearby. Typically, she comes and sits in the basket by the door and waits for a treat, but she’s getting more adventurous, and even took a nap with Loki earlier today.

I’ve noticed that when a rooster comes strutting around her, she’ll actually raise her mane and chest bump him to fight him off, rather than submit to breeding. We aren’t sure if she’s laying eggs or not, but that’s totally irrelevant to us -she’s quite the hen, and we just adore her!

We discovered our first green egg in the nest boxes this afternoon – this is so exciting! We now have pink, blue, and green egg layers, in addition to the many different shades of brown and mahogany. I’m going to want to get more Easter Egger chickens in the spring, I think – we started out with several more, but lost a couple a few months back, and one of them has turned out to be a rooster (a weirdo named Gonzo.)

The weather has certainly been temperamental of late, with last week’s windstorms, and now, we are getting below freezing temperatures at night. I’ll be bundling up for the morning and evening chores, without a doubt!

Hope you all have a Happy Halloween!

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