Animal Antics

Today is quite the contrast in weather from yesterday – with the temperature hovering around 40 degrees Fahrenheit, it feels downright balmy!

I took the opportunity to get the goats outside on a walk, as more frigid, nasty weather is headed our way. I wanted to get some nice photos of them, but mostly, they treated me like paparazzi, and would turn their arses toward me whenever I managed to get them in focus for a shot. Another strategy employed by Heidi and Gheb was the infamous “Goat Nose Pose” which they performed rather effectively. As with any photos on the site, just click on one to embiggen it and get a closer look.

As you can see, the sun is shining and the sky is blue – which is rather uplifting to my mood. The grey doldrums of winter wear on me, and I often find myself feeling completely unmotivated during those times. I’m grateful for days like this, where if it weren’t for your knowledge of the calendar date, you’d almost be able to mistake it for a spring day, in which things are coming back to life, instead of dying, dead, or in a state of stasis.

We walked back by the round pen that was here when we moved in; the previous owners had owned horses in years past. Now it just serves as a landmark for us to walk toward. Well, that, and providing creepy sound effects with the squeaking gate hinges.

Ginger apparently became annoyed with said creepy noises, and investigated their source. Her lack of opposable thumbs and inability to use tools caused her to become bored with the matter rather quickly, and she moved on.

Ginger was the first goat who we were certain was pregnant – not only because of the multiple coitus events I witnessed between her and the buck, but also, because she seems to be showing the most. Perhaps it’s just newbie hopefulness on our part, and that’s really just her rumen we’re seeing, but it sure does seem like she’s swelling at her sides more than usual. I can’t wait for baby goats!

We walked behind the lean-to, and further into our field, when I heard a hen giving a distress call. We discovered her in an area of overgrowth, and she seemed to realize she shouldn’t be out there by herself. I tended to agree; she’s easy pickin’s for any predator that decides they want a chicken dinner. Fortunately, she realized the wisdom of using our presence as a distraction and cover in order for her to rejoin the flock, as you can see in the first video below.

The chickens were delighted to be outside, too, after yesterday’s confinement. They did get to come out for a few hours in the afternoon yesterday, but the morning was full of grumbling and protests in the coop. I need to find a good source for feeder crickets in the area (probably just Pet Supplies Plus) for days like that, so that I can put some in there and alleviate their boredom. It will have the added benefits of distracting them from annoyance with one another due to being confined (and subsequent pecking and feather pulling), as well as giving them some calisthenic exercise as they chase them around. Of course, we can’t leave out the inevitable amusement this will provide to me. Which, during the grey doldrums, will be much appreciated.

The flock enjoyed a snack this afternoon that included some leftover spaghetti noodles. Which reminds me, I left their snack bowl out the in the barn. Whoops! That will have to stay out there until tonight, after the birds are closed up. Every time they see it, I end up like some kind of Pied Piper, with most of the flock following behind me, even when it’s empty. They never lose hope.

I used the camera to capture some videos of the animal antics this afternoon; I’m hoping that you will enjoy them!

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    Loved the videos! Kitty is growing!

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