Technical Difficulties

I was hoping to bring you all a lovely post full of cute baby chicken photos and videos this morning. Instead, I made the mistake of accepting an update to a plugin for the site (RecipePress), which not only hosed the plugin itself, but also, various aspects of the entire site! I apologize if you’ve had trouble navigating the site this morning as a result.

I think that I’ve got the situation mostly under control now. You may notice that you cannot get to the Farm Cookbook and recipes as a result of the fix (which was to disable the plugin), and for that, I am sorry. I am hoping that the plugin author releases a fix to his update, because I do like having recipes here on the site, but not at the cost of my navigation system (also known as “taxonomy”) for the whole site being affected by problematic code in a faulty plugin.

It’s been a rough morning. I am going to give the Happy Baby Chickens post a go once I’ve mellowed out. Trying to write it right now in the midst of my frustration wouldn’t do those cuties justice. So I apologize for the delay, but I need to go cheer up first. I think I’ll go visit the little adorable fuzzbutts.

That should make this frown turn upside-down.

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