Goats Need A Home

This morning, a friend of mine passed along information from a flyer she received in her mailbox last night, regarding some goats who are in need of a new home. We aren’t able to take them on, however, I’d like to showcase these sweeties here to make this into a community effort to find them a new home!


I spoke with their current owner Karen this morning, who is moving and won’t be able to keep this nice little goat family, and is seeking to place them together in a loving new home. These are Pygmy goats, and there are two bucks and four does. The oldest two does are seven years old, and are the mothers of the five year old does (2) and wethers (2). They are great as pets or companion animals, and Karen explained that they are affectionate, easy keepers. They are currently located in the South Lyon-Whitmore Lake area, not too far from Ann Arbor.

Can you give these babies a home, or do you know of someone who can? If so, please get in touch with Karen at 734.368.8440. She can answer any questions that you might have, and give you more details.

Please share this link with anyone who you think might be interested and able to give these nice little goats a good home! Thanks so much!


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