So much to do…so little time!

I’m exhausted today. Unlike Luke Skywalker, I feel like I need some more time in the bacta tank after having attempted to rip the ears off of a Gundark and failed. But, we got a lot done over the weekend, shifting around chicks into different housing, along with the usual chores. The 3-week-old chicks and 2-week-old ducklings moved out from the basement brooder out to the brooder house down by the coop. They moved into the space previously occupied by the 8-week-old chicks, who moved into the “newly renovated” shed in between the brooder house and coop. Now, the basement brooder is all spanky clean for the Khaki Campbell ducklings, who will be arriving later this week.

The goats are coming up on their due dates, and you can tell that Ginger and Veronica especially are ready to get this pregnancy business over with post-haste. We received news this morning that Blossom (formerly known as Winter), the LaMancha doe who we sold last year to our friends Karl and Scott, gave birth to her first baby this morning, Tinkerbell. The baby girl is the spitting image of her mom, save for her daddy’s Roman nose (Hercules is a Nubian.) We can’t wait to meet Tink, and Blossom looks like a proud mama in the photos we’ve seen. Rightfully so! It has just made us more excited about the arrival of our own babies. Like Awesome Vet says, though, it’s exciting and scary at the same time. I really hope all of the kidding/deliveries go smoothly. I’ve got the nursery monitor set up so that I can *sort of* hear the activity out the barn, but the range is not great, so mostly, I get a lot of static. Of course, there is the occasional boisterous outcry from Gonzo the rooster broadcasting over the waves, too. That’s always charming.

I’m practicing making sweaters for the baby goats out of the sweater sleeves, and so Loki was my test subject this morning. I can see where I need to make adjustments, and he’s patiently been wearing his new turtleneck. I think he even kind of likes it.

Rather than try to cram a lot of photos into this post, I thought I’d give today’s entry its own gallery. I hope you enjoy the photos!

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