Do Goats Mow Your Lawn?

That’s a notion that many people hold – that goats are “Nature’s Lawnmowers.” And while goats will eat grass, their preference is to browse things at head height or above – which, not so coincidentally, is also where they find the most nutrition and avoid the potential parasite infections coming from lower grasses. If you’d like something four-legged to mow your lawn, sheep are a better option.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that goats won’t assist you in your lawn-mowing. Our babies demonstrated that on Saturday by helping to clean off the Skag mower.













They thought all of that freshly-cut grass was pretty darn tasty!

It was one of their last adventures all together, because Wash (now called Sampson), our little Sundgau (black/white) Alpine boy and Lovie’s Boy (the Alpine/Saanen cross who is all-white) both went to their new homes. Gheb also joined Lovie’s Boy in a new life as pets at a home south of here. Their new family is thrilled to have them, and we are so happy that they will be well cared-for there. The family includes a young daughter who is interested in 4H, so that’s really exciting! Sampson is now living at Paw Paw Farms, and will become a daddy there as soon as he’s ready for the job. We’ll get to visit him and his babies from time to time, so that gets a big “whoo hoo” from us!

We realized that the boys would need to go to new homes all along, and we were mostly prepared for it. But there was a little sadness over the weekend as they departed. It’s a little like breaking up the band. But hey, those boys are going on to new careers and so are the babies we have here, and they’re all going to do great!

I have cheese to make and many other chores ahead of me today. At least dinner is already made, because I cooked up a big batch of ham, potato, and cheese soup yesterday and there are leftovers. I also baked some bread. It’s nice to have dinner plans already squared away! What are you having tonight?

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2 responses to “Do Goats Mow Your Lawn?”

  1. Terri Avatar

    Good day to you! I enjoyed this story and pics. I hope that you have a wonderful day.
    Love you lots! Mom

    1. Trase Avatar

      Just got back from procuring chicken feed. 🙂 Found some rascals that had slipped out underneath some poultry fencing, and got them back inside. Blocked that escape route, so hopefully that’s the end of that! Ha! Glad you enjoyed this – the babies are getting so big! Love you too! <3

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