Mudder Plucker

Thanks to Woody’s Towing for coming to rescue our trucks this morning! Check out this cool rig that they used to pull our stuff out of the mud.

So, both trucks are now out of the field and on high, dry ground. I knew it was a good sign when the flatbed that brought the rig pictured above was “Lucky Thirteen.” It is my favorite number, after all! Phew! We’ve become convinced of the importance of getting actual mudder tires and a winch for my truck.

Now we need to get our poor doggie Loki checked out to make sure he’s OK. He is eating some chicken and rice right now, and seems to be a bit more perky than he has been, so we are hopeful that it’s just something minor. But he’s still having some trouble breathing and isn’t his usual happy-go-lucky self, so there is definite cause for concern.

Hope your week is bringing good things to you all!

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4 responses to “Mudder Plucker”

  1. Sarah Avatar

    Yay, they’re free! Whoohoo! Here’s hoping all turns out well for Loki too =)

    1. Trase Avatar

      We are thrilled! Our friend the vet is going to give Loki a look-see and let us know if we need to take him to the clinic for bloodwork or not. We are hoping it’s nothing serious!
      Thanks! 🙂

  2. Terri Avatar

    Yeah!!!! I am so glad! So are the tractors out as well?

    1. George Avatar

      Well, we dug out the compact tractor yesterday and they brought that home. The big tractor was freed, but someone else came over to “help” and got it stuck again. And their pickup truck. So there is only a red F-150 and the large tractor out there now. They were having a friend come by to pull those out with a 4WD large tractor or something.

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