Chinook Overhead

A Boeing CH-47 Chinook helicopter flies over our property from time to time, and today is one of those days. I always wonder what they are doing.

I imagine that it could be flying in and out of Selfridge ANG? Anyone out there know where this might be coming from? Last summer, it did some maneuvers right over our field, circling on some pretty steep angles and such. It’s really neat to watch!

I’m laid up with food poisoning today; the Chinese take-away we usually get our food from did me wrong last night. 🙁 That’ll teach me for not cooking at home, right? I feel bad because the goats haven’t yet been on their walk today, but the only Lug-A-Loo we ever purchased was given (new!) as a wedding gift, hence, I am pretty homebound. (I kid, I kid. Seriously. I wouldn’t use one of those things.)  They’ll need to wait, unfortunately.

We’re ramping up on the cheesemaking – our 16 qt stainless pot arrived today, whoo hoo!

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