Turtle Visitor

Another weekend come and gone – I took quite a few photos which I’ll share here. Really, I did mean to get this done yesterday, but it was chaotic, and included my truck stranding me at the feed store. Thankfully, George was able to swing by on his way home from work and wait with me for the AAA tow truck. Ah, the joys of vehicles!

But back to better things. Our weekend! I think it was Saturday evening when we noticed the Painted Turtle (Chrysemys picta) taking a mudbath in one of our driveway puddles.

I picked it up and brought it over to our little garden pond in front of the house, in hopes that it might take up residency there.

Later, I saw the turtle in our flower bed adjacent to the pond.

I’m hoping that it stuck around, but I haven’t seen it since. Of course, there’s lots of plants it could be hiding under, or it could be cleverly camouflaged in the pond. Of course, it may have left, too. But here’s hoping we have a new turtle resident!

There were several goat walks, including bringing them up around our pool to perform some “green” weed-whacking duties. Check out those photos in the gallery below – click on any photo to embiggen and scroll through the entire set.


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  1. Terri Avatar

    Great pictures! You got some good ones! Looks like the goats had alot of good eating going on! The kitty looks cute. The pics of the little guy are great too!

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