Paw Paw Farm Revisited

We paid a visit to our friends at Paw Paw Farm today – they have a beautiful new addition to their menagerie – a lovely little Jersey calf named Lilly! We were so excited to meet her. She is just a couple of months old and presently is about the size of an adult goat, but she will of course grow into a big ole cow one day! She is very good about going on walks and grazing away at the green noms. Isn’t she gorgeous?

We also got to see two former members of our own farm. You may remember that we met our friends from Paw Paw last year because they bought our little LaMancha mix goat formerly known as Winter – who was too much for us to handle as first time goat owners, on top of the other two babies we had. She is named Blossom now and has just been thriving in their more experienced hands! She has a daughter named Tinkerbell, who is a LaMancha/Nubian mix. She always seems to remember me when we go, and is usually the first goat to come up to the fence to greet me. I must admit, that always gives me the warm and fuzzies. I cannot begin to express how grateful I am that even though we could not manage three babies at once for our first batch of goats, we were able to place Blossom in such a loving home, and that such a phenomenal friendship has resulted from it!

Tinkerbell is a little charmer. Her looks are a sublime mix, the best of both of her parents. I just love the little Mancha ears and the Roman nose of her Nubian father, Hercules. She and the little Nubian doeling Holly are pen-mates, and they just adore one another. They were often intertwined or cuddling together out in the yard. I must admit, I will be quite tempted by the idea of bringing one of her future doelings to our farm if they turn out looking like that little cutie-pie!

We also got to see our doe Heidi’s little buckling, Sampson. That boy has grown! He’s an affectionate little scamp, and will be providing some diversification in their breeding program later this year.

As always, we really enjoyed our visit – lots more photos in the gallery below. As with all photos on the site, we highly recommend clicking to enlarge!

Well, it’s getting close to bedtime here on the farm. Most of you will probably be reading this after you are well-rested tomorrow or possibly even Monday. Here’s hoping it’s been a great weekend for all. We hope that our family and friends on the East Coast are riding out Irene’s fury safely and soundly!


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