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Happy Friday Everyone! I’m working on something that I’ve been trying to accomplish all week – finish up with canning some tomatoes and pears. But I wanted to take a break and talk about eggs.

For those of you who have been following the blog for a while, you know that we have had some serious challenges with our chicken flock. Specifically, with things killing our chicken flock. This naturally meant that the amount of eggs we have been gathering every day has seriously decreased from where we were several months ago. However, I have great news! We are now getting at least two dozen eggs a day, and we’ve almost hit the three dozen mark a couple of times in the past week! Huzzah! The fence has done its job and kept the flock safe. So, if you have been waiting to get the word that we have those available again, here it is! As of right now, I have a few dozen available, and of course, as the weekend progresses, that number will grow.

In addition to the chicken eggs, we are also getting a dozen to a dozen and a half duck eggs every day. Have you ever tried duck eggs? We hadn’t, until our ducks started laying. We are big fans of “dippin’ eggs” (over-easy, with toast) around here, and we prefer the duck eggs for breakfast now. I haven’t had the chance to bake with them yet, but I made some lovely cinnamon-sugar crepes with some last week – both our son and I were quite fond of those! Folks who do bake with them swear that they make the best cakes – they will keep your baked goods moister, longer, too. Richer, fluffier cakes are reported when duck eggs are used in the recipe. This explains why many Italian and French pastry chefs only want to use them in their recipes!

Our chicken eggs remain $3.50 a dozen – we are working hard to keep them at this price, even in the face of big jumps in grain prices.

Duck eggs are $8.00 a dozen – the ducks eat so much more than the chickens! We think that the price is still reasonable. Go ahead and Google “Duck Eggs” and see what they’d cost you shipped, or go on and check out some of the prices there. These are some darn tasty eggs, and they are quite substantial, too – one of our long-time customers recently tried some and about half of the carton contained double-yolkers!

If you’d like to get some of these beauties for yourself, please get in touch.  You can pick the eggs up here on the farm, at the Dibbleville Food Co-Op monthly meetup (and if you are local and aren’t a member, you should really check it out!), or, if you work or live in Downtown Detroit – George can bring them into work with him and meet you. He works in the Eastern Market area.

Have a great weekend!



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