Month: September 2011

  • We Got Yer Eggs Right Here!

    We Got Yer Eggs Right Here!

    No, but seriously. We have a lot of eggs right now. Finally! Yay! 😀 If you’d like some, please get in touch! Related […]

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  • Talkin’ Tainted Turkey

    Did you see the news yesterday? For the second time in a month, Cargill is recalling turkey containing salmonella-resistant bacteria. Oh, but I’m CERTAIN we can bet on the fact that the executives responsible for the overall conditions that lead to tainted turkey won’t have their personal homes and assets raided and confiscated.

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  • Eggstraordinary News!

    Eggstraordinary News!

    Happy Friday Everyone! I’m working on something that I’ve been trying to accomplish all week – finish up with canning some tomatoes and […]

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