The Goings-On At The Farm

Happy Monday! I’ve held off on posting anything new over the past few days, because we moved back to our old domain registrar, after having experienced many issues with the new one we tried out for a few months. What’s a domain registrar, you ask? Well, it’s the company from which you purchase the rights to your domain name – in our case, It’s kind of the virtual equivalent of registering your business name with the government so that only you have the right to use it, and when someone looks it up, they find you. It used to be there was only one registrar, or company with whom you could accomplish this, but a few years ago, the registry was opened up, and now there are a plethora of companies offering the service. So, if you don’t like the service being provided by one, you can transfer to another. However, during the transfer period, people might have trouble finding your site due to DNS (Domain Name Servers) being updated. So, in a nutshell, I didn’t want to post anything if you couldn’t find us anyway!

As I mentioned in my last post, I spoke at the ADGA Grand Adventure convention in Grand Rapids, MI last Tuesday. It was a great experience, but anytime we disrupt our usual schedule like that, there is always catch-up time afterward! So we’ve had lots of things going on, and I’m going to attempt to catch you up on it all.

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by a representative for Bogs Footwear and asked if we would be interested in test-walking some of their boots, which are very well designed for agricultural work. We have both been struggling to find boots that are really satisfactory for our work here, so I was thrilled to be asked. The boots arrived last week, and so far, we are quite impressed. Every complaint we’ve had about our previous pairs of boots have been addressed with these Bogs. We’re going to really put them through the paces, so we’ll be doing a progressive review on them, checking in periodically to talk about how they are holding up, how we are liking them, etc. in our Product Reviews section. We’ll wait to give the “star rating” until we conclude the review. So be sure to check in on those – the initial reviews will be posted up this week!

Last week, we confirmed the upcoming arrival of a very friendly Nigerian buck with excellent lineage and offspring, who will be visiting our little Nigerian does in a couple of months. We are also having him breed one of our Alpine girls, and possibly two of them, to produce Mini-Alpine offspring. We’re really excited that he’ll be siring some of our kids for this Spring!

We have also been coming to the realization that we will be changing our policy on having bucks on our property. While we have been opposed to this in the past, we are realizing for practical reasons, we need to have a couple of boys. And really, with our Polled Intersex Doe Maryman behaving just like a buck, save for being able to knock our girls up, it’s almost like having a buck already! We’ll be working on creating separate housing in the coming months so that we can accomplish this goal.

There are two wells on our property, one for the house, and one for the barn and outbuildings. Sadly, however, the latter has never worked since we moved in back in 2008. We believe that it may have been struck by lightning, because the previous owners had installed a mercury vapor light on a small tower right next to it. It’s just a hunch, but a pretty good one, we think. We’ve flipped the breaker in the barn and it just does not work.  We’re hoping to have that repaired before wintertime, because it would save us a lot of trouble carting water in small tanks down from the house in the cold and snow.

Finally, my mom came to visit yesterday, and it was a great afternoon spending time with her! We went to the Dietrich’s, who have a family farm a few miles from ours, where they grow a lot of pumpkins every year. Our son picked out one to make a Jack O’Lantern, which George carved later that evening. We asked our son what he’d like it to look like, and he very carefully described a standard Jack O’Lantern with triangle eyes, etc. I asked if he knew there were other faces and things we could put on it, and he was mystified, as I guess the standard face is all he’s ever noticed. So I showed him some of the designs on Paper Pumpkins, and he immediately picked out the little owl pattern. I love owls, so his choice tickled me to no end! And I honestly didn’t give him any suggestions or try to influence him. He picked it out all on his own. I traced it out and George carved it, and we all think it looks great! Our farm is now guarded by a wise and spooky-cute owl.

It’s time for me to get something to eat (is it lunchtime already?) and get working on other chores. Have a great Monday everyone, and see you back here later this week!


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