Weird Wednesday

This morning, as I worked on some things here in the office, I realized I was hearing a pretty noisy din of birds outside. Of course, with our poultry, I try to keep an awareness about that sort of thing, because I don’t want any further losses than we’ve already suffered. (For those just joining us, we had almost 200 chickens at the start of this year. Our neighbor’s dog killed about 60 when they were still free-ranged, and we lost several more to coyotes, fox, and hawks. We now have about 70  in a fenced pasture.)

I looked out the window and had myself a little Tippy Hedren moment. There were, kid you not, about a thousand starlings all convened on our lawn and in our trees. It was pretty surreal. I tried to get photos, but they all took off before I had the chance. It was creepy-cool to see that part of the sky above me turn black with flapping wings for a few seconds.

So, instead, please enjoy some goat photos.

Gidget, Heidi, Ginger and Veronica
Gidget is figuring out how to open the gate. She fancies herself the William Wallace of the herd. FREEEEDOOOOM!!! But really, it's just so they can raid the grain on the other side of the wall.
Maryman scritches her head while Veronica daydreams

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