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We are thrilled and honored to announce that we will be offering the Nutiva line of products from our farm in the very near future. We have had trouble finding these wonderful foods locally, as there is no retailer within 50 miles of us that carries the line. So, being the DIY sorts that we are, we have decided to get some not only for ourselves, but to stock it for others, too.

Coconut Oil has been demonized over the years because most of it is hellish, hydrogenated stuff. But if we are talking about extra-virgin, non-hydrogenated, organic, cold-pressed coconut oil – the real stuff – it actually has a lot of great health benefits, because it contains the “good for us”  fat. In fact, coconut oil is made up of about 50% lauric acid, which is one of the fats in mother’s milk, and is known to have health-protecting qualities. Some expect that it will eventually share the stage with the omega-3’s that are so widely touted for their health benefits. The coconut oil Nutiva offers is top-quality, and also, does not come from GMO sources. We’re excited that we will be able to offer it, along with coconut manna, too!

We’ll also be offering a line of hemp products, including oil, seeds, and protein for shakes. The oil is cold-pressed, contains no hexane, and is a rich source of omega-3’s.  Hemp oil is very beneficial for treating eczema. The protein is unique because it is fully organic – most soy powders are not because of the use of hexane in processing. So if you are looking to keep your protein shakes fully organic, the hemp powder is a great option!

I’ve recently discovered that I really enjoy Chia seeds, and so I’m personally geeked about having access to a high-quality organic source of it. These aren’t just for growing Homer Simpson’s hair. Regarded as a superfood, it’s chock full of protein, fiber, antioxidants, and omega-3’s. I love them suspended in kombucha, and I’m looking forward to trying them in yogurt, and making the “chia pudding” gel that can be used to add nutrition to lots of other foods, baked goods, etc.

We’ll be stocking many Nutiva items within the next month or so. Please get in touch if there’s something specific you’d like to get on order. At this time, we can only provide local orders, no mail order. We’re really excited to be able to offer these great quality, nutrient dense foods that we simply cannot produce on-farm ourselves. Being able to get them from a company that is concerned with health, sustainability, and great quality thrills us!

Once we have our shelves stocked, I’ll be adding a page with pricing information. Please let us know if you have any questions about the products and we’ll do our best to answer those or find the answers you need!

Have a great weekend, all!


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