Gidget awaits her opportunity to inspect the new goat expansion area

Exhausted, I tell ya. That’s what I am today. It’s the Post-Chriistmas Pre-New Year’s Grey Snowy Day Fatigue. We’ve been running so hard lately, and it’s just all catching up with us. We’ve all been fighting the Creepin’ Crud – a head and chest cold that seems to be an annual plague around here. However, good things have been happening along the way, too, and we are grateful for what the year has brought us.

Gidget awaits her opportunity to inspect the new goat expansion area

One of the many things for which we are grateful has been my brother doing the goat pen expansion in our barn. It’s coming along quite nicely and within the next week, I expect it will be completed and in use, if all goes according to plan. The goats will be so happy – not only will there be more living space, but their feeder space will also be doubled tripled. We are also going to be able to divide the current and expansion area off with a door, such that we can separate our remaining girls who need breeding off with the Nigerian Dwarf buck who will be visiting soon. This is quite practical and we are simply thrilled with the impending completion! My brother does a great job on any type of construction work such as this. I’m sure the goats are going to give it a hooves-up.

It’s snowing today and there is accumulation on the ground – big snowflakes that are creating a nice packing snow. When I was a kid, this would have been considered ideal for using my K-Tel Fun Skis and Sno-Block Maker. Remember those crazy things?


I’ll get more meaningful content back up on these pages soon, promise! 🙂

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