Happy Friday!

It’s an exciting day here on the farm! Last night our first goat kids of 2012 arrived – the first of many. Our LaMancha doe Messycakes gave birth to two beautiful daughters, who are as yet unnamed. Little beauties! We let them spend some time with mom last night but brought them into the house out of concern for the dropping temperatures. We are also working on getting our stall back from the bucks, Quagmire and Blackjack. It seems that a conspiracy against us with time, money, or weather has prevented us from getting their new building completed – we are converting our lean-to into their new home. But now it is imperative that we get that completed, one way or another, and that is on our agenda for tomorrow.

There are so many new things happening on the farm this year, and I want to share a little preview with you:

Additional Goat Herdshares

We will be able to offer some additional shares for part ownership of the herd, as we have had a few new doe additions over the past couple of months, and as they give birth and start contributing their milk, more shares will open up. We currently have a waiting list, and if you’d like to be added or have any questions, please get in touch!

Chevre Shares

New in 2012 will be the offering of farm-fresh goat cheese services to herdshare owners – have us convert your share of the herd’s milk to cheese! Pricing and details to come.

Goat’s Milk Soap

Many have been asking when we will be able to offer handcrafted soaps that incorporates our herd’s milk. We have not been able to produce any yet due to not having enough milk, plain and simple. During the breeding and birthing seasons, milk production decreases. However, as these new girls start milking and the others freshen, we will be back on track to making some delightful soaps, and they will be offered for sale on farm and through the website.

Fresh Produce

We are going to be starting seeds for this season very soon – we start indoors every year, and this year we are excited to be moving our baby plants out to the hoop house/high tunnel that we acquired last summer. This will allow for an extended growing season. We’ll be offering heirloom vegetables and herbs for sale this year as a new offering.

Meat Chickens

Pastured chicken is on the agenda for this year, and we will be offering those for sale at least twice this year, and perhaps three times, depending on how soon we can start the first round. We raised some for ourselves last year and have been spoiled ever since! We only have one left in our freezer, so we are anxious to get this project on the road.

Farm Shares

New this year will be an opportunity to help support our farm, and save some money while doing it! If you like the idea of supporting a local farm, getting fresh, healthy food, but a weekly CSA model doesn’t work for you, this may be a good match: investing in our farm, and receiving a 10% return in products. This is a win-win for the farm and for investors – the up front investment helps to fund seasonal projects (like mobile chicken coops for our meat birds!) to grow the farm, and you can take as long as you need to use the funds we place on your account. So, for instance, an investment of $300 brings a 10% return of $30 – so you would have $330 on account. Of course, there are some terms and conditions, including that these funds cannot pay your herdshare costs or agistments. However, you can get eggs, produce, soap, and chicken! Your family and friends will be welcome to utilize the funds as well. Maybe you and a neighbor or family member will decide to go in on a share together, and take turns picking up your selections. We’ll have a sign up form available for this soon.

We are really excited and optimistic about 2012! As always, please do get in contact if you have any questions. We look forward to showing you more adorable goat baby photos in the near future!

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