Happy Hens Lay Better Eggs? Eggsactly!

A friend of the farm who has adopted a gluten-free diet buys our eggs on a regular basis, and she recently posted this photo of just flour and our eggs in her mixer:

You’ll be challenged to find store-bought eggs that will produce that rich orange color! That’s because most of the birds producing those eggs never see the outdoors, hence, they do not get to engage in normal chicken activities – eating grass, scratching for worms, catching bugs, and even the occasional frog, if they can manage it. Chickens are omnivores, and when they are allowed to be chickens, they produce better eggs.

Wondering what she was making? It’s this gluten-free Brioche Sandwich Bread recipe, which she highly recommends.

Speaking of gluten-free baking, we’ve had great feedback about how well duck eggs work in those recipes. Really, duck eggs work wonderfully in any baked goods – I have a chocolate cake in the oven right now using some, in fact! We’ve recently learned that duck eggs are alkaline, whereas chicken eggs are acid in their pH. We’re not sure if that’s why they work so well in baking, but it was a point to ponder when we heard about it. Thanks to my cousin, via my aunt, for hipping us to that!

Our chicken eggs are available for $4.00 a dozen, or 3 dozen for $11.50.

Duck eggs are $8.00 a dozen.

You can pick up eggs right here at the farm, just let us know how many and when you’d like them!

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