Do You Sell Hatching Eggs?

We get this question from time to time, and the answer is that yes, we sell eggs – but we can’t guarantee fertility. Chicken eggs are $5/dozen, and duck eggs are $10/dozen. Check our Products Currently Available page for availability.

We don’t charge a higher price if you call asking for hatching eggs, because our flock of chickens and our flock of ducks all live together in their own respective housing.  Chickens and ducks each live in their own communes. We can’t control which rooster or drake is breeding which chicken or duck hen, or whether particular hens are more popular with those roosters or drakes, either. If you pay a higher price for hatching eggs elsewhere, it’s because the farm has had to segregate out the different breeds into separate facilities that each require their own equipment and care. That farmer is incurring an even greater cost by maintaining these “bird boudoirs” and that gets passed along in the higher price that they charge, which is fair to them, given the extra work and expense they’ve incurred. You are also generally getting a specific breed that is going to hatch out in those situations.

Our chicken flock currently has two Black Copper Maran roosters and a Bantam Old English rooster. All are frequently seen romancing the hens, and yes, that does include the Bantam roo “dancing” with the full-size breeds when he’s quick enough. The hens are a wide variety: Rhode Island Reds, Brahmas, Bluebells, Easter Eggers, Black Australorps, Black Copper Marans, ISA Brown, Golden Comets, and there’s one Barred Rock in there, too.

Our ducks are a mixed flock of Pekins, Khaki Campbells, Indian Runners (fawn/white colored), Cayuga, and a pair of Muscovy. The drakes are not particular about which hen breeds they “court” and we’ve had one family purchase eggs for hatching with our ducks, which they hatched out. They told us that a few days prior to hatching, all of the eggs looked fertile, but unfortunately something went wrong in the incubator and only two eggs ended up hatching. They sent us this photo with the two ducks which hatched from our flock’s eggs labeled with names.

So, if you do decide to hatch out eggs from either of our flocks, you will end up with “mutts.” This may or may not matter to you, but we want to be clear on the matter.

In the case of hatching eggs, we do NOT wash the eggs, in order to preserve the bloom (protective coating the hen places on the egg.) With the chickens, this is less noticeable, because they are generally clean in their nests. The ducks, however, are another story. Our ducks adore mud, and so often the duck eggs have mud on them as a result. We leave it up to you to decide how to handle that in the incubator – there are many opinions on the matter.

As with any of our products, please contact us in advance to let us know what you’re looking for so we can make sure we have it ready for you. Please let us know if you have any further questions and we will update this post to include the information!

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