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We have some equipment for sale here at the farm and wanted to make our local readers aware of the availability of these items. Please feel free to share this post with anyone in the area who you think might be interested!

First of all, we have a Two-Man Earthquake Auger powerhead with an 8-inch bit and a 18 inch extension (you’ll see in the photos that the extension hasn’t even been opened yet).

  • We bought this toward the end of autumn last year and have used it maybe a half dozen times. Reason being, I have carpal tunnel and arthritis in my hands- and two torn rotator cuffs, along with a bone spur in one shoulder. In other words, I’m not up to the task of manning my side of the 2-man auger.
  • We didn’t use it over the winter – it was winterized – and we just got our tractor with its own post hole digger, so we don’t have any need for this now.
  • It is practically new condition and starts right up. If you price this out on Home Depot or Tractor Supply’s websites, you’ll see that it will run you around $550 for these three pieces brand new. We are asking $400 for all three pieces.
  • Please note, this is NOT the one-man unit – this is the heavy-duty two-man unit. The four-stroke engine will make much quicker work of digging holes, since it actually has torque. You also won’t have to worry about mixing gasoline and oil. If you are in need of of digging post holes and have two people who are not dealing with the health issues that I am, this will work great for you!
  • Check out the photos below, and if you are interested, contact us to set up a time to come out and see it in person.

The other equipment we have for sale is a 1978 or 1979 (we’re not sure because the folks we bought it from weren’t clear on it) 720 Bobcat skidsteer. We bought this last November off of Craigslist with the intention of making it into a barn cleanout machine, or as we have been affectionately referring to it, “The Turd Burglar.” However, we never got to use it for anything, as it ended up being not ideal for our purposes simply because of our very greasy clay-based land – it just sinks right in due to the weight. If we were going to run a skidsteer on our property, we’d need one on tracks – proper tracks, not the ones that slip over tires. We decided a tractor would better suit our needs. So now, the Bobcat is for sale. Here’s the lowdown on it:

  • We bought the machine as-is for $2500.00 last November. It runs, and usually starts right up on the first shot with the engine choked. The previous owners told us they replaced the stock engine with a Mitsubishi 3 cylinder gas engine. It has an external fuel tank, also installed by the previous owners.
  • We had to replace the tilt cylinders. These are brand-new, never used, now on the machine. We had them manufactured custom by the fine folks over at Nelson Hydraulics in Burton, and they cost $1200.00. 
  • It came with the indoor shop wheels/tires you see pictured. We purchased a set of used wheels and tires that could serve as floaters or have new tires mounted on them – those will be sold separately for what we paid, $300 for the set.
  • We do not have any attachments for it. You’ll need to supply those yourself.
  • We’re asking $3500 for the Bobcat, including the new tilt cylinders. This is obviously less than we already have invested into the unit, so please understand we will consider offers, but do be reasonable. You’re not going to find a running Bobcat in this price range very often. Yes, it does need work, but we’ve already done some of that. The used wheels/tires we purchased are available separately as mentioned above.
  • Check out the photos below, and if you are interested, contact us to set up a time to come out and see it in person.

We’ll be putting these items out on Craigslist tomorrow, but wanted to give our readers “first dibs” on these items. Please get in touch ASAP if you are interested! Thanks!

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