Our pigs are growing nicely and we’ve certainly learned why they’ve been used for ages to till land – they can tear up an area right quick and have it ready for planting! These girls weren’t too sure of us at first, and are still a little sketchy, squealing an alert if I don’t talk to them as I approach their house to let them know I’m arriving in a few seconds. But they are accepting back scratches and aren’t quite so twitchy when I’m in the house with them, which is an improvement from last week.

I’ve been pulling up some various edible wild greens and weeds for them, which they really seem to look forward to munching on. They also love the organic hog feed we procured for them, which you can see in the video below. We also brought in a shallow trough for water that they have used both as a drinking source as well as a wallow, which means it needs to get cleaned out pretty much daily because they muddy it up fairly fast!

We’re happy to finally be raising our own pork this year, and look forward to seeing how these ladies turn out for us.

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