Thanksgiving Turkeys 2013

Well, despite the storm a few weeks back that resulted in a lot of turkeys freaking out and bashing out the back window on their enclosure, thus escaping (all but two were recovered, but we heard them for a couple of days out in the woods, but they never returned) – we DO still have some turkeys available for Thanksgiving this year!

We have set our price at a very reasonable $6/lb – that is for fresh, pasture-raised, heritage-breed turkeys. If you look around, you will find that for these type of birds, that is very much the low end of the pricing spectrum. These are not the factory breed broad-breasted white or bronze breeds that come up to size in half the time. These are the old breeds that would have been raised on farms 100 years ago. We are trying to move some of these just so we don’t end up with a freezer full of turkey ourselves. We will not be raising turkeys for public sale in the future, so if you are hoping to try one from our farm, this is your opportunity. 🙂

The lowdown:

  • They have been fed certified organic grain since we found a source for it earlier this summer. (Prior to that it was a locally produced grain.)
  • We expect to see sizes ranging from approximately 10 pounds to 25 pounds. We have no ability to guarantee a particular weight. You let us know if you’d like Small (apx. 10-14 lbs) Medium (apx. 15-19 lbs) or Large (apx. 20-25 lbs)
  • Processing will be done on Tuesday, November 26th. We will have pickup available that evening between 7-9 p.m. On Wednesday 11/27, you can pick up from the farm, or by special arrangement in Troy – George will be bringing turkeys with him to work. We must know in advance that you want to pick up from the Troy location.
  • We cannot offer special processing dates for individual turkeys. These are the dates.
  • All turkeys will be fresh in vacuum sealed bags. Bring your cooler with ice for transport.
  • You will need to order in advance. 

If you have already ordered your turkey and confirmed it with us in the last week or so, there is no need to contact us. However, we need to get a final count – if you have NOT confirmed your purchase in the past week, please do complete the following form and submit it to us as soon as possible to reserve your bird.

Thanks so much, and please let us know if you have any questions!




EDIT 11/22/2013

Unfortunately the form has stopped working and we are taking it down. If you already placed an order and we have NOT confirmed it, please email me trase [put the @ sign here] as soon as possible. 

New orders, please email me at the address above and tell me what size turkey you would like, (small 10-14 lbs, medium 15-19 lbs, large 20-25 lbs, all sizes are approximate) and when you want to pick it up, Tuesday evening between 7-9 pm here at the farm, or all day Wednesday at the farm. George can also bring your turkey into work with him on Wednesday; he works in Troy. 

Thank you! 

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