Garden Preparations 2016

I just spent the past hour or so transplanting some seedlings that I’d started in the little expanding seed pods a few weeks back. They are now in 4″ peat pots, and will remain in our seed starting area in the basement until they are ready to start spending some time outside hardening off. I’ve got a ton of other seeds to start in the new seed pods I just drenched with water, and I’m waiting for those to expand as I type this. eU6Qb1-tmp

We built a new raised bed garden last year, and it was a great start – but we are going to need more space. I’m working on building some additional beds utilizing the lasagna garden method, and my goal is to adjust and expand the fencing so it protects the new beds from wildlife.

Another goal this year is to get our little hoop house rehabilitated so that we can use it to grow tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, melons – all of those heat-loving plants. It needs to be cleaned out, the beds need some TLC, and the cover needs to be replaced. I am hoping to do hanging tomato plants from the ceiling, and then use lattice or something similar to grow the cucumber and melon vines upward.

I really hope to be able to grow enough not only to feed us through the growing season, but I want to preserve as much as I can to see us through the drab winter. Between our pressure and water bath canners, our freezers, and our two dehydrators – I certainly have the means! 10170913_1708196539417331_909619321969028625_n I am excited to have additional dehydration capacity this year thanks to the 9-tray Excalibur Food Dehydrator I found at Goodwill in December for $9.99. It is one of the best thrifting purchases I’ve ever found – those go for $200 plus! I already had a 5-tray model that I love, but always regretted not going with a larger model. Now I have 14 trays to utilize. We found a great deal on bananas earlier in the week and I think I might try making banana chips later today.

Well, the pods are calling me – time to start some more seeds.

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