Peeg Cuteness

You guise. I am overwhelmed with piggie cuteness. They are still a little freaked out by us, but are warming up to the idea of coming near us. We sat out in the yard with them yesterday and they eventually were right next to us, and a couple of them even let us give scritches. Man, pigs can run. I knew that from our past pigs, but we’ve never had this many at a time, and it is hilarious to see them running as a pack. I will try to get that on video soon. IMG_20160325_231239484Meantime, here’s a photo of them from Friday night as they got settled into their new digs. And a video from this morning as they ate. I love piggie eating noises. Which is weird, because I HATE hearing chewing noises from people. But piggies chowing down just tickles me. Hopefully you enjoy it too.

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