Rainy Weather Makes For Unlikely Companions

168234_1735886003315051_4074041959439764703_nJust over a week ago, I was going outside to get something out of the truck, when I heard very tentative question meows that I didn’t recognize as one of our barn cats. I called back and, out of the darkness came a beautiful long haired kitty, who is only a few months old. She (I am 90% sure it’s a she) did not want to be picked up, but was very anxious for pets. She was skin and bones under all that fur! Poor baby. I am allergic to cats, so I can’t bring her inside, but I set up a house and feeding station for her on our front porch, and she’s been living here ever since. She is a sweet cat and now loves being held and given lots of affection. And she’s gaining weight. We aren’t sure if she was a feral kitten who has gradually warmed to humans, or if she was dumped by someone – it wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened here on our rural road.

We will be taking her to the vet to get her shots and spayed or neutered soon, and after that, we’ll give her a name.

It’s always a concern whether or not cats are going to w12895383_1740323752871276_1695010675_nant to stalk our chickens, particularly the little Banty birds. But she doesn’t show any malice toward them, and I suspect if she did, Van Damme already put her in her place – as well demonstrated in the video of him I posted earlier!

It’s been pouring rain today, and my little foraging flock found themselves stranded on the front porch during those downpours. Kitty and birds have been peacefully sheltering out the storm together. You can just barely see her in her house behind them.

Please excuse the messy porch. That’s a bat house in the background on the left that we need to get hung up soon for our little batty friends!

Here’s hoping the rain lets up at some point tonight, because we need to finish a brake job on our truck. And our tractor got beached out back earlier this week, but with the ground so swollen with water from all this rain, we haven’t been able to rescue it just yet. And we have a mighty need!



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