The Piggening 2016

Here we go again! We are raising hogs again this year. Picked five little beauties up on Friday from a farm in the Thumb area. These are Hampshire/Yorkshire crosses – three barrows (neutured males) and two gilts (intact females).

The boys will be raised for an Autumn slaughter date. We are going to try breeding the girls once they are old enough and see how we do this year. We’ll need to get some additional housing situated, but they are doing great in our Farmtek structure for now and are sharing an big yard with our three ducks. There is even a small pond, so if these piggies want to go for a dip in the warmer weather, they will have that option for cooling down.

The boys have names: Snausage (he’s the smallest), Hammond (he’s the brown/pink guy), and Kevin Bacon (he’s the big pink one with black spots on his back, and he’s a little unpredictable.) We are still thinking about names for the girls.

Here they are coming home on Friday night!


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