Gabby Girl

If you’ve been reading our blog since 2015, you are probably already familiar with Gabriella, aka Gabby Girl, aka Gabby-Goo. She’s my little Nigerian Dwarf doe who was born prematurely in a winter storm in January 2015. The subfreezing temperatures and her mama Sassyfras’ limited milk supply necessitated her living in the house with us for a couple of months while I bottle fed her and kept her warm. Sassyfras had gotten bred early in the season without our knowledge – we never mean to have January babies!

Well, Gabby is coming up on a year and a half old, but we are still very bonded to one another. Since the weather has improved, I’ve been sitting out in a lawn chair with the goats while they graze in unfenced areas of our property. After she’s had her fill, Gabby likes to come and see me – sometimes asking to come up in my lap, or, as was the case yesterday, just lounging in the most adorable way by my chair. I love this little gal so much. And I like to think the feeling is mutual. 🙂

IMG_20160425_125058536_HDR IMG_20160425_125101800_HDR IMG_20160425_130326330 IMG_20160425_130331685_HDR IMG_20160425_130342096_HDR IMG_20160425_130418365_HDR

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